Our Approach

We provide funding to early-stage Mountain West companies. Our focus is partnering with exceptional founding teams. We provide funding coupled with the assistance of our operationally experienced team. We do this utilizing Revenue-Based Financing, other debt-based funding, and when appropriate equity financing. We lack the restrictions of a traditional fund structure, giving us the ability to custom-fit funding solutions.

Our funding process is focused on transparency, respect and speed. Throughout the process, we provide you with as much information as possible. We treat you the way we would want to be treated. We do all of this quickly, within 30 days of first contact. As operators, we understand the distractions fundraising creates. We want you running your business, not spending time fundraising. We think you’ll appreciate our strong values, founder-friendly funding models, and operational expertise we bring to the table.

What We Are Looking To Fund

  • Companies located in the Mountain West (Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico and Wyoming)
  • Products with high gross margins
  • Detailed plans for growth
  • Founding teams with grit, integrity, and solid management and leadership skills
  • Companies seeking funding of $100k to $1mm
    • SaaS and subscription based companies we will fund 3-6x MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue)
    • All others up to 3x monthly revenue
  • Limited amount of existing debt and a clean cap table

In addition to this criteria, we’re able to work with companies in almost any industry and market segment – our funding structures allow us to be less concerned about market size and growth potential than equity investors.

How We Help In Addition To Funding

  • Experience: Our group has experience creating, running, and successfully exiting high growth companies
  • Mentorship: Guidance on management, strategy, marketing, hiring, and exit
  • Networking: Access to our network of colleagues and associates, both regionally and nationally

Where To Start

If you feel your business would be a good fit for GSD Capital, we encourage you to Contact Us. We require an executive summary or presentation deck for investment consideration.