About Us

GSD Capital is located in St. George, Utah. We partner with early-stage Mountain West startups to fund growth initiatives.
We work with founding teams who have demonstrated an ability to get sh*t done.
We believe in a less onerous fundraising experience and enabling our founders with more time to focus on what they do best, growing their business.
We empower founders with a 30-day fundraising process instead of multiple months running a gauntlet.

Our Promise

We are strong believers that our success as investors depends exclusively on creating successful partnerships with excellent entrepreneurs. Our experience has shown that our relationships are successful when based upon three intertwined principles: mutual respect, transparency, and assistance.

Respect – We will treat all entrepreneurs the way we would like to be treated.

We are committed to being respectful in all of our interactions. We’re committed to showing you the respect you deserve – this means that, if we say we’ll call, we’ll call. If we set a follow up, we will follow up. We know your time is valuable, so we’re not going to waste it. We know that raising capital takes time, and we believe that your time is best spent growing your business. We’ll do everything we can to make the process as fast and efficient as possible.

Transparency – We will provide you with as much information as possible throughout the funding process.

The opaqueness of the fundraising process can be frustrating. We’re not into that – with GSD Capital, you will know where you stand and what steps are ahead. We won’t ever keep you waiting unnecessarily. In fact, we decide and fund most deals within 30 days of our first meeting. If we aren’t interested, we will tell you quickly and provide honest feedback. When we issue a term sheet, we’ll provide a clear summary. We won’t bait and switch you with unrealistic promises and then change them when closing time comes – and we’ll provide you the terms we intend to fund. We don’t end up with terms that catch you by surprise to help us gain a leg up or additional control.

Assistance – We have significant operational experience growing companies, and we can help (if you want).

Our firm is different than others in the region – we haven’t spent our careers as financiers. We understand what it takes to start, grow and sell a business – because we’ve done it. We’ve played key operational roles at companies of every size – from startups to the top 10% of the Fortune 500. This helps us bring a unique perspective as an investor and advisor. Once we’ve invested in a company, we’re available to help – whether through an introduction resulting in a new partnership, or a conversation to talk through a tough time with an employee, we have the experience to back up our advice.

Our Team

Chris Russell

Chris has extensive experience as both an operator and investor; having been involved with dozens of startups. For the companies he works with, this blend of experience provides exceptional value-add. Chris founded GSD Capital in 2010 to invest in early-stage Mountain West startups. More recently, Chris was Head of Finance and Operations for Nav, a fintech company backed by Kleiner Perkins. Chris was also the founder of WestHost where he grew the company to 80,000 clients in over 130 countries by the time it was sold to the UK2Group in 2008.

Zach Mangum

Zach has provided marketing services, technology, and consulting to thousands of businesses worldwide with an emphasis and specialty in helping small businesses and startups. In 2010, Zach co-founded GroSocial and served as its CEO from inception until the company was acquired by Infusionsoft in 2012. From 2012-2014 he served as a vice president at Infusionsoft. He is currently the founder and CEO of a startup studio called Hit Labs. Zach received a B.S. in Finance from Brigham Young University.